Crist Electronics

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Kirkland, Washington, USA


Providing electronics hardware and software design and consulting services. 


From initial concepts through production prototype, Crist Electronics has full-service electronics development capabilities to meet the demanding needs at todays pace of technological innovation.  With over 8 years of experience in research and product development from commercial to industrial to military, Crist Electronics provides Electronics Board Design and Prototyping, Research and Development, Consulting Services and General Technology support.


Core Competencies

    • Board Design for Electronic Instruments and Products
      • From Concept through to Tested and Debugged Prototype ready for Manufacturing Engineering
      • Advanced High Speed / Low Noise Techniques
      • Lots of experience with Ultra Small Micro Packaged components BGA, CSP, 0402 passives.
      • Full-Service Prototypes: Design, Layout, Procurement, Fab and Assembly
    • Embedded and Desktop Software Design
    • Digital and Analog Electronics Circuit Design and Simulation
    • Mixed Signal Design
    • Competent in Multidisciplinary Team based design
    • Multidisciplinary Engineering experience with:
      • Optical Engineers
      • Mechanical Engineers
      • Photonics Engineers
      • Software Engineers
      • Research Scientists


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With the challenges of todays fast paced design cycles customers must have engineers with the technological depth and disciplinary breadth of skills to address their design and consultation needs.

Crist Electronics was built to fill those needs with best of breed design approaches honed by years of design experience.